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Being a parent is arguably one of the most important things you can do in life. If you are considering becoming a parent through the surrogate process, you know this. My Surrogacy Family was developed by Hawaii International Child, which has been creating families since 1975 and we understand the need to become a parent. Be in touch and let us help you fulfill your dreams.



If you’ve already birthed and raised a child, you likely know firsthand the joys of being a parent. If you are considering how it might feel to give the gift of parenthood to someone who can’t give birth, please read on. We hope our information will inspire and encourage you to help someone else. Surrogates fulfill dreams.

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Become a surrogate

Dear Surrogate Mother,

Thank you for your interest in helping someone else become a parent!

Surrogacy is a wonderful gift and a life-changing experience. Women who choose to become surrogate mothers do so out of sincere compassion to help a loving couple or individual have a child. Surrogacy creates a bond that intertwines the lives of the intended parents and the surrogate. My Surrogacy Family (MSF) is a surrogate mother agency in Hawaii that takes exceptional care to respect and maintain relationships throughout the journey. We strive to support and foster a meaningful relationship that will have a positive lasting impact on all parties. We take into consideration the expectations of the intended parents as well as the surrogate mothers.

MSF works closely with surrogate mothers, intended parents, mental health professionals, doctors and attorneys to ensure a successful surrogacy process for all parties. We screen intended parents before they enter our program. We expect them to be supportive of the surrogate mothers with whom they work, of the child they ultimately hope to have, and of each other. Our screening process helps to ensure that our surrogate mothers will be properly matched with like-minded intended parents.

Once your application has been completed and reviewed, your support staff from MSF will make an appointment to meet with you, your spouse/partner if applicable, and all other household members in your home for an intake interview. The objective of this meeting is to discuss the commitment involved and to review the process in person to ensure you and your spouse/partner have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.  We will also be requesting that you submit specific documents such as copies of your child(ren)’s birth certificate; a copy of your marriage certificate or civil union, if applicable; as well as photos of yourself and your family.

In addition to screening your application, MSF will conduct in-depth financial, criminal and child abuse background checks, as well as credit and reference checks.  You and your spouse or partner, if applicable, will also be required to under psychological assessment and evaluation, as well as medical screening. If you are approved to become a surrogate mother after completing these initial steps, you will proceed to be matched with waiting intended parents.

From all of us at My Surrogacy Family to you, we welcome you to the family and look forward to meeting you.

With aloha,

The My Surrogacy Family Team





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